The Wear Nation Foundation

wnfWear Nation Foundation is an NGO set by Wear Nation Clothing that focuses on providing clothes for the less privileged.

Clothing ourselves is an essential part of our livelihoods, which gives us confidence to carry out our daily outdoor activities.  Most children in Ghana especially in the northern region live in deprive communities and poor living conditions. Most are seen with torn clothes or no clothes at all. It is not about wearing fancy dresses but decently and neatly covering the kids in these communities with neat clothes.

This among other reasons why Wear Nation Clothing has taken it upon itself to help provide clothes for the less privileged in the society.



 To clothe the less privileged and put smiles on their faces.


 To provide decent clothes for the less privileged


 The target group are children who live in deprived communities in Northern Ghana of 1 to 15 years.



  1. 10% of proceeds from Wear Nation Clothing
  2. Philanthropists
  3. Friends,
  4. family
  5. From Founder’s pocket,


Contact +233 242 018 726 to donate to the Wear Nation Foundation.